Aug 06

What is VPS Hosting?

vps hostingIf you want to learn more about VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, you’ve come to the right place. Since shared and VPS hosting are two very different environments, when it comes to webhosting, it’s necessary to look into a different set of factors when picking the right VPS plan.

So, let’s start from the very beginning: what is a VPS server? Virtual Private Server or VPS is a virtualized server. It is somewhere in between shared and dedicated hosting, because it mimics both dedicated server and a shared hosting environment. In Virtual Private Server hosting every site is hosted on a VPS on a more powerful hardware. A real (physical) machine is divided into a few virtual compartments, but with server software setup on them separately which makes each unit capable of working independently.

VPS hosting is just one of several webhosting accounts types for users to choose from to host their websites online. Anyone having a website needs to have website files on some web server. Not only is the setup of a server and its management expensive, but it’s also rather difficult. For that reason, many website owners choose to rent space on a web server, which means to purchase web hosting. So, what makes VPS server better or different than other hosting types?

The major advantages that come along with VPS hosting are stability, performance, flexibility and dedicated resources. Unlike shared hosting, the activities and traffic of other VPS clients won’t affect your own operation. People visiting your website enjoy faster load times due to the fact that you have your own allotment of resources. In addition, you can pick the software and the OS you want to install on your server.

In other words, it is the perfect solution when your business becomes too big for shared hosting and you need more server resources. Since VPS hosting has become increasingly popular, prices are dropping rapidly making it even more possible to find a reliable VPS solution that will meet all your hosting needs.