Jul 30

WP Engine Coupon – The Most Efficient Hosting At A Reduced Price

wp engine wordpress hostWP Engine is a popular choice for WordPress hosting for small businesses and there are reasons for that. You can get numerous shared web hosts as such for as low as $10 a month and can get WordPress installed on your own within minutes. However, WP Engines has something to offer which shared hosts don’t and it’s support. And now you can also get WPEngine Coupon with which you can get a great discount too! Here are some reasons why you should prefer WP Engine.

Why is WP Engine Unique?

As mentioned earlier WP Engine offers an excellent support. This is beneficial to those who have no knowledge of how WordPress programming works and have high chances of running into plugin issues or security conflicts at some point or the other. When you use a shared host, till you find someone to help you with the issues and make your site secure, you already undergo a lot of loss in the form of money as well as work hours.

On the other hand, with WP Engine, you can make changes easily to your site, without hampering the user experience. The Blog Staging Area enables you to change the plugins, theme and other settings and see how it looks like before you make it live to your visitors.

When you have WP Engine, you need not worry about how your site will perform for every next visitor and you can pay attention to your business. Also if you have multiple websites, plans are available to accommodate WordPress-powered online empires.

Speedy Uploading

Everyone knows now that the time wasted in loading is equal to money/business wasted. The longer your site takes to load, the higher are the chances for your visitors to turn to your competitors and that means loss of potential business. If properly optimized, your site can load within a second making the visitors happy and increasing chances of conversion and thereby sales, and also repeat customers.

In a case study regarding loading time, which included WP Engine as well as two other managed WordPress hosts, while the other two came close, WP Engine proved to be superior giving the fastest loading.

Almost Hacking Proof

If not installed or configured properly, WordPress is prone to hacks. While you can install several built-in security measures, hackers are smarter working upon how to find loopholes. WP Engine is created with security on priority. Though it can’t be said that it’s 100% hacking-proof, you can rest assured because chances of hacking is much reduced. Plus their support is unmatched and can help you in a situation of hacking.

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